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BlocAid™ Antibacterial Gloves: First US sustainable glove solution offering protection against harmful bacteria and microbes
BlocAid™ Gloves are specially designed and engineered with EcoZinc™, which is directly embedded and extruded into the recycled poly blend fiber to inhibit the growth and spread of harmful microbes. BlocAid™ seamless knit gloves are touch screen compatible and are developed and manufactured in the USA. The EcoZinc™ properties will not wash out, the process is embedded in the yarn. Furthermore EcoZinc™ is self cleaning throughout the day with exposure to air and sun as you wear the glove. Equally true the  glove fabric will get dirty…. but the microbes are being killed all day long; just wash and wear again and again.BlocAid™  Gloves with Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Barrier Technology.